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NEED'K emphasizes the search
for originality to make the best out
the charms and possibilities
a fabric has on an advanced level.
Meanwhile we lead the textile
industry as one
of the most sophisticated makers
in the world.

Main concept

We believe that the perfection,
originality and beauty of
textiles are more important
than production convenience.

Textures that are not
restricted by preconceived ideas

Manufacturing at one
production place using a single
material is simple -
we carefully choose a
combination of various
production places and use
different materials to create
refined textures.

Against mass production

Color and design, as well as
intriguing textures, are
important when creating
beautiful textiles.
We implement a handicraft
approach at all levels of production
processes from the
making of threads to, dyeing,
weaving, or finishing....

Sophisticated quality and composition

A perfect coordination is the
right way to do for fabrics.
A combination of perfected textiles
and comfort are important when creating
a fulfilled living space.

Global standard

Designs which originate in
Japan and are alltogether made of
sophisticated textures are
world class level.
Apart from intensifying
business in Japan, NEED'K is
pursuing business in 38 nations
with approximately 120
companies, many of which are
located in Europe.
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